Private Olive grove


A private olive grove with approx. 1000 olive trees will be part of the condominium's common areas. Each unit will receive its share of olive oil each year based on the co-ownership fraction. Production, operation and maintenance of the olive grove are operated by an experienced external operator.

The farm has 1000 olive trees in full production. Each olive tree will produce from 2-4 liters of olive oil depending on the year. Harvesting takes place from November to approx. January and was traditionally a family activity in which all generations participate. To achieve the best quality of olive oil, it is important to pick the olives while they are still hanging on the trees then press immediately after harvesting.

We produce only extra virgin olive oil, the best type both in terms of quality and taste. This oil is obtained by cold pressing and is 100% pure. As a co-owner of Borgo San Martino, you can participate in the harvest and get access to your own home grown olive oil.